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The Claussen-Simon Foundation was established in 1982 by Georg W. Claussen, former Chairman of the Beiersdorf AG Management Board and at that time Chairman of the Supervisory Board, for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. Members of the benefactor’s family, as well as Ebba Simon and the Beiersdorf AG, contributed towards the foundation’s endowment. The mission of the foundation is to promote science, research and education, as well as art and culture. Special emphasis is given to the advancement of science and young researchers in the Hamburg region.

The Claussen-Simon Foundation supports “Trajectories of Change” by providing the online system for the completion of a mentoring agreement between the programme fellows and their supervisors as well as the regular assessment of the quality of their cooperation. Additionally, the Claussen-Simon Foundation provides Ph.D. scholarships for three “Claussen-Simon Fellows”.