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University of Texas, Austin

Bucerius Fieldwork Grant

War is the Father of All: Citizen Soldiers, Mobilizations, and Democratization in Greece and the Ottoman Empire During the Early 20th Century


War is the Father of All studies the human landscape of total mobilization via the social category of citizen soldiers as a way to study society at war. Citizen soldiers proved to be a mobile category that moved between fronts, experiences, and ideas. The project draws from grassroots sources such as diaries, memoirs, letters, postcards, songs, petitions besides newspapers, articles of association, and state and military archives. In conversation with the recent historiography on societies at war, comparative studies and social movements theories it argues that the war period between 1912 and 1923 proved transformative for both Greek and Ottoman citizen soldiers and had as a consequence their emergence as a modern political organization whose radicalization was formed as a denial to the monarchical past.

Charalampos Minasidis is a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European and Middle Eastern History at the University of Texas at Austin. His work examines the transformative experiences, the cultures of war and the radicalization against the monarchy of both Greek and Ottoman citizen soldiers during the early 20th century. He holds an M.A. in the History of Warfare (2008) from King’s College London, and an M.A. in Balkan and Turkish History (2013), a B.A. in Political Sciences (2014) and a B.A. in History (2007) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He also worked as a research assistant at the Society for Macedonian Studies (2007-2012).

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