Disinformation and Lies

27 February 2022

Truth, Freedom and Peace

Advisory Board Member Mykola Riabchuk titled "Russia’s War" in his article first published under the title "Calling a Spade a Spade: the Rogue Essence of the Kremlin Regime" in Desk Russie and on 27 February in EUROZINE, discusses: 'When war becomes a reality, time is of the essence. Slow political responses raise questions about underlying reasons for reluctance. And as Russia wages war on Ukraine, how the situation is described at distance also matters. How can Putin’s position be pulled back from the black hole of media and political acquiescence?'

'In a recent Le Monde article, Dr. Marie Mendras aptly reminded us that the much-talked about 'Ukraine crisis' is by no means 'Ukrainian' but first and foremost ‘Russian’. It is 'Russian' not only in purely factual terms — insofar as it was instigated and amplified to its current disastrous scale by the Russian political leadership. It is 'Russian' also in philosophical terms — insofar as it reflects the profound crisis of Russian identity, its incompatibility with the modern post-imperial world and its inability to come to terms with western-invoked modernity, post-Cold War international order and sovereignty of Ukraine, which still is imagined as a part of the Russian 'self'. [...]'