„Costs of non-enlargement“

07 March 2024

Foresight Report EU Enlargement and Neighborhood published

“In contrast to past enlargement phases, the upcoming EU expansion is a proactive Union response to mitigate instability in the neighbourhood and address global tensions arising from armed conflicts, climate change, demographic challenges and democratic backsliding. Europe faces a pivotal moment which will redefine the political space of shared values and geostrategic resilience.“

The report describes four different scenarios for the future enlargement and neighbourhood policy of the European Union and formulates policy recommendations.  It focuses on the political and social costs of potentially missed opportunities to manage stability, prosperity and multilateral relations in the neighbourhood. The paper presents the results of a foresight project conducted by Visegrad Insight - Res Publica Foundation and ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS together with a group of more than 40 scholars and fellows of both organisations.

You can read and download the report here