Policy Study

31 May 2022

Digital Surveillance, Master Key for MENA Autocrats

In his article entitled Digital Surveillance, Master Key for MENA Autocrats published as part of a joint political study Liberty’s Doom? Artificial Intelligence in Middle Eastern Security by the European Institute of the Mediterranean, Žilvinas Švedkauskas, Bucerius Ph.D. Fellow, examines how the uptake of AI-enabled technologies has boosted digital surveillance, including machine learning for clustering, speech recognition, natural language processing, image and video generation and autonomous decision-making.

Žilvinas Švedkauskas is Ph.D. candidate at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen specializing in comparative research on regime types and authoritarianism. His primary research focus lies with party politics and mechanisms of co-optation in the Middle East and the Post-Soviet space. Žilvinas holds a joint M.A. degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Tübingen and the American University in Cairo (Egypt) and received his B.A. in Political Science from Vilnius University (Lithuania). Alongside his studies, Žilvinas does research for a Lithuanian NGO House of Europe and writes on Middle East politics for the Lithuanian monthly Business Class.